Game:   25" Arcade Legend 3- including GOLDEN TEE FORE! COMPLETE

Manufacturer:  Chicago Gaming

Our Price: $3,095

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The  BRAND NEW ARCADE LEGENDS 3 Upright Arcade Machine by CHICAGO GAMING that comes with 130  pre-installed classic Atari, Stern, and Taito arcade games including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and Tempest.

Arcade Legends 3 also includes Golden Tee Fore! Complete--the world's most popular golf video game.  You will be able to play the original, 29 realistic 18-hole courses using the same trackball control and screens used in the original.

The 130 classic games use the original programming that gave them such a distinctive, groundbreaking feel, using the same controls, colors and sound as the originals, delivering true classic arcade-style play and feel. The console is made in the U.S. by the world-renowned Chicago Gaming Company, experts in arcade games for over 30 years. A crisp Wells Gardner 25" monitor (not a computer monitor) reproduces all visual details. The authentic coin door is disabled.

Arcade Legends 3 Game List


2022 Golden Tee Live-Home Edition

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Use: Home or Commercial

Price:  $4,195-NEW

This ᅠis ᅠa Golden Tee 2022 Home Edition Arcade Machine Game for sale - IN STOCK.

The Golden Tee Home Edition is the exact same game- arcade-style cabinet and all- that  played and adored at bars and pubs for 30 years. Tailored to the home, Golden Tee comes equipped with dozens of courses and a wide variety of features and formats that make it a must-have item for every basement or man cave.


2021 Golden Tee Live

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Use: Home or Commercial

Price:  $4,895-NEW

$5,199- NEW - with Monitor Stand

Golden Tee 2021 is the latest version of the legendary pay-to-play video golf game. Every day tens of thousands of video golfers test their skill on clever and challenging courses. Play alone, with a group of friends or head-to-head in a wide variety of skill contest formats. Play for fun, play for glory or play for big cash prizes!

Golden Tee 2021 includes 67 unique and spectacular 18-hole fantasy courses for nearly unlimited variety. A wide range of casual, online and prize play game formats are available for players of every skill level. Gorgeous hi-def game graphics, an amazing variety of customization options, time-released game features and the iconic trackball control make Golden Tee 2019 the undisputed leader in coin-operated video games.


67 18-hole courses to choose from
Enhanced 1080p hi-def graphics and special effects
Additional skill contest modes for prizes
Card reader and Keypad for easy player check-in
Illuminated Marquee
Play with or against others in 18-hole, Closest to the Pin and Invitational play
Customizable golfers, equipment and effects
GT Caddy mobile App for maximum player engagement
FACTS LIVE contest software available
AdWiz LIVE ad placement software available


Golden Tee Complete

29 Courses

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Use: Home or Commercial


This is a GOLDEN TEE COMPLETE with 29 Courses Arcade Machine Game for sale - FREE PLAY for Home or $150 for BILL/COIN-OP

Courses included:
Mystic Hills
Suerte Del Sol
Crimson Rock
Pine Meadow
Bay Side
Maple Acres
Kings Canyon
Kiwi Springs
Blue Pointe
Kings Canyon (Am)
Blue Stone (Am)
Heartland Creek
Tropical Falls
Eagles Peak
Blue Horizon
Swords Pointe
Cedar Meadows
Shadow Swamp
Blue Horizon (Am)
Eagles Peak (Am)
Painted Gorge


83"Hᅠ xᅠ 30"Wᅠ xᅠ 42"D


Golden Tee Complete/Silver Strike Combo

27 Courses

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Use: Home or Commercial

Price:  $3,295-RECONDITIONED

This is a GOLDEN TEE COMPLETE with 27 18-hole courses + Silver Strike Bowling.


Golden Tee Complete-Cabaret Edition-

25" Monitor- 29 Courses

Manufacturer: MBR Industries/Incredible Technologies

Use: Home

Price:  $1,295-RECONDITIONED

This is a GOLDEN TEE COMPLETE GOLF Arcade Game in a smaller, cabaret cabinet - perfect for home use with a 25" monitor!

With its smaller cabinet, this beauty maintains the same size trackball at the same height as the full size version!  It's designed to allow you to follow through with the long drives without hitting the glass, a real nice play.


Golden Tee 2005-7 Courses-27" Monitor

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Use: Home or Commercial

Price: $1,295

This is a reconditioned GOLDEN TEE 2005 Upright Arcade Game with 7 courses.  Complete with coin-door for Coin-Op or Free Play.

Here's your chance to own a Golden Tee Golf machine at a FANTASTIC price!

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