Game:  NASCAR-Dale Jr. Edition Ltd. Ed. - NEW

Manufacturer:  Stern
Use: Home or Commercial
Sale Price:  $4,195 includes FREE SHIPPING

Pay by check or wire and save an additional $125.

Add $100 for Budweiser-marked backglass

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is one of the world's most popular drivers. Now Stern Pinball, Inc. followed suit with the Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Limited Edition Pinball, a 600 chrome-trimmed model run. Designed by Pat Lawlor and his team at Pat Lawlor Design, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball features the high energy of racing along with the fascination of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 

This Pinball features the Dale Earnhardt, Inc. red 8 car along with Budweiser marks. Stern offers two optional back glasses, one with Budweiser marks for those accounts that are primarily adult locations, and another without Budweiser marks. 

A primary component of the Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball is the racetrack that encompasses the entire playing surface. Energized by magnets, the loop sends pinballs racing around like cars racing around a track. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball also features a truck hauler that the player can launch a ball through. 

Other features of the game include a voice over from Allen Bestwick, television analyst for NBC, and recording artist Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55", a popular tune among fans. is the Games Division of Automated Services, LLC.  All rights reserved. 2013