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Game:  Acme Crane

Manufacturer:  Benchmark

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,995


Benchmark Games proudly announces ACME CRANE COMPANY, a truly innovative crane game that propels the time-proven crane concept to new levels of excitement and profit. 

ACME CRANE COMPANY adds exciting new dimensions to the familiar crane gameplay concept:
As always ACME CRANE COMPANY demonstrates the type of quality craftsmanship that only Benchmark Games delivers. The finest coin comparator coin-mechs are standard for the fast insertion of coins or tokens and never a jam up.

- Holds at least twice as many prizes as other cranes and the (patent pending) Always Full feature self-adjusts the playfield level to maximize product presentation. The adjustment is invisible to the player!

- In attract mode, the crane picks up merchandise and moves it around - merchandise is always "fluffed"! (programmable)

- 4-axis player control of claw (patent pending) - up/down - left/right - backward/forward and claw rotation.

- Unique Air-Powered Claw (patent pending) using a pneumatic cylinder guaranteed never to wear out! Provides for smooooth and controlled operation!

- Stepper Motor operation with lubricated for life ball bearings with no end-of-stroke switches required!

- Opto-prize counter with anti-cheat software (alarm will sound if merchandise is dropped through chute other than with opening of the claw).

- Six-point door locking mechanism and casters are standard.


Game: Big Choice Skill Crane - RECONDITIONED

Use:  Commercial

Price: $795-NEW LOWER PRICE!

Here is a reconditioned BIG CHOICE CRANE  Arcade Machine with updated boards!  Exciting and fun for all ages.  A virtual gold-mine for your location, plus, adding new prizes makes it a whole new game!
Great for Pizza Parlors, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, etc.    

Dimensions are 77"H  x  24"W  x  34"D.


Game: Candy Shop

Use:  Commercial

Price: $795

Here is a reconditioned antique CANDY SHOP CRANE Arcade Machine in GREAT CONDITION.  Exciting and fun for all ages.  A virtual gold-mine for your location or a winner in your Game Room!  Great for Pizza Parlors, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, etc.

Machine does not come filled.. 


Game: Capsule Factory

Manufacturer:  Namco

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,095

CAPSULE FACTORY is a one player Pac-Man themed merchandiser.

Players control a robot arm in an attempt to balance a capsule as the arm slowly pushes up the ramp. If they successfully balance the capsule into one of the three holes, they win the merchandise within the capsule. Once a capsule has dispensed, the automated hopper above the play field releases a new capsule. The hopper can store up to sixty capsules.

The 4" capsule used in CAPSULE FACTORY is suitable for an endless selection of merchandise from Sponge Bob ™ licensed products to jewelry and tattoos.

The game auto-percentages based on the operator's initial settings. Difficulty is expressed through the robot arm control, as difficulty rises the arm becomes less stable.

CAPSULE FACTORY'S attractively decorated Pac-Man theme and limited footprint make this game a winner at any location.


Game: The Challenger Candy Crane

Manufacturer:  AGE

Use:  Commercial

Price: $795

This is a reconditioned THE CHALLENGER Candy Crane Redemption Arcade Machine in EXCELLENT condition by Advanced Games & Engineering (AGE)!

This ALL METAL Crane with STEEL panels is strong, durable and economical - will last for years - very strong contraction!


Dimensions: 68" x 24" x 28.5" 


Game: The Challenger Plush Crane

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,795

This  reconditioned CHALLENGER PLUSH Crane Arcade Machine is in EXCELLENT condition!

Ideal for Pizza Parlors, Laundromats, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, etc.  


Game: Fishin' Treasure

Manufacturer:  Namco

Use:  Commercial

Price: $995-Reconditioned-NEW LOWER PRICE!

This reconditioned FISHIN' TREASURE CRANE Machine  has been converted to a Regular Claw machine.

Designed by the team that created the ICE Inc. games, Wacky Ducks and Pixy Prize, FISHIN' TREASURE is an exciting new concept in merchandisers in which the players "fish" for capsules containing small prizes.

The game is housed in an eye catching cabinet, is a lot of fun to play and has all the ingredients necessary for considerable success.

Skill based game 
Once you hook the prize - it's YOURS!
Realistic fish capsules add to the fun - we are including 150 FILLED capsules and 200 EMPTY capsules!
Capsules accommodate a huge variety of prizes
More flexibility than other prize machines

Dimensions 85"H  x  37"W  x  44"D.



Game: Hot Stuff

Manufacturer:  Coast to Coast

Use:  Commercial

Price: $2,295-NEW

Add $250 for Bill Validator: Accepts $1 and $5

-Median Claw
-Microprocessor Control
-Great Sound and Voice
-Joystick or Buttons
-All Metal Construction with Tempered Safety Glass and Recessed Rope Lights in Both Corners
-Electronic Coin Mechs. (for years of trouble-free service)
-Adjustable Claw Strength with included meter
-Dollar Bill Acceptor with Stacker Available
-Dual Optical Prize Detection System
-Easily Accessible Service Panel at Front of Game
-Custom Graphics Available
-High Security Cabinet with Big Locking Wheels for Easy Moving
-Easy to Fill Extra Deep Product Area with Included Removable Platform

Height: 76"
Width: 31"
Depth: 35" (including control box)

Game:  Jewelry Stop

Manufacturer:  Coast to Coast

Use:  Commercial

Price: $2,395 - NEW LOWER PRICE!

(This price is for a single crane)

Add $200 for Dollar Bill Acceptor



This Jewelry Stop Crane comes marked as "Jewelry Stop" but we include extra stickers to convert the top graphics to "MP3 & MP4 Stop" and "Electronics Stop", if you wish to change the machine to offer either Electronic Goods, or Songs + Videos instead of jewelry.  Jewelry Stop Crane Redemption Game Features :•  All Metal Frame Construction•  Adjustable Claw Strength with included meter•  Slide out Front Panel for easy service•  Auto Percentage Win Feature Included•  Triple Strength Claw Adjustments•  Includes 2 Glass Shelves•  Comes with Gravel or Plastic Pellets•  Dollar Bill Acceptor Ready


Height: 75-1/2"

Width: 31-3/4"

Depth: 33-1/2"



Game: Chocolate Factory

Manufacturer:  Namco

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,795-Reconditioned


The FIRST EVER CANDY BAR MERCHANDISER combines two of the most proven concepts in coin op - the Crane and the Pusher, and that along with the allure of winning of multiple candy bars has made this game a real hit!!!

The game play on Chocolate Factory is very simple, the player tries to pick up the candy bar or bars of their choice. They drop it onto the pusher deck and watch for the friendly push over the edge. If they don't get it on the first try the candy bars continue to accumulate on the edge of the play field until they are eventually pushed over the edge for a win.

Other features include: anti cheat tilt alarm, an automatic reload function that insures the play field will always have sufficient candy bars for the players to win, and an easy and accurate payout control system.

The Chocolate Factory is the perfect merchandiser to compliment the plush and prize crane operator looking for a new type of product for their locations. It's also proven to work well in family entertainment centers, restaurants, truck stops, bowling alleys, retail stores, and bars.


Height:  79"

Width: 34"

Depth: 40"



Game: Chocolate Candy Crane

Manufacturer:  Coastal

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,595-Reconditioned - FLOOR MODEL


Here is a floor model COASTAL'S CHOCOLATE CANDY CRANE CRANE Arcade Machine - 31".   Has factory-installed air conditioning unit.



Game: Prize Time 42" Crane

Manufacturer:  Smart Industries

Use:  Commercial

Price: $1,495-Reconditioned

This is a reconditioned PRIZE TIME 42" CRANE ARCADE MACHINE by SMART INDUSTRIES complete with a BILL ACCEPTOR!

The Prize Time was designed with the operator in mind. This classic crane game is a profit powerhouse! The Prize Time crane is consistently one of the best performing cranes on the market.
* Medium Claw Assembly
* Happ Double Coin Mechanism
* Joystick
* Interactive Sound System
* LED Credit/Timer Readout
* Locking Coin Box
* Steel Security Padlock Tabs
* High Security Steel Console
* Tempered Safety Glass
* Tamper Resistant / Coat Hanger Proof Cabinet
* Drop Playfield
* Rope Lights
* 7th Gen. Microprocessor Game Board
* Prize Hole: 7.5" x 7.5"

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