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The Atari Pong Table is an embodiment of turning back the time and bringing back the personal side of games.  The table brings together the high-tech mechanical engineering of today and everyone’s beloved game from the ‘80s.

The table replicates the same experience you might remember from playing the digital Pong back in the day, but this time it's done using magnets! Loaded with retro sound effects, bouncing lights, and staying true to the original game mechanics.

Turn it off and set it on standby. Close the custom designed lids and you get a neat and retro looking coffee table.

Game - True-to-life representation of the classic PONG®  gameplay done using custom mechanical components.
Music streaming - Equipped with a bluetooth speaker so you can give your PONG tournament a custom soundtrack!
Table - Hide the control panels by closing the side lids and enjoy a neat, retro coffee table.
Charge x
4 - Have a few friends over? With 4 USB ports, the table is your own sleek charging station. Juice for everyone!
Clock - Allows to gently light the room with a functional digital clock

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