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PRE-OWNED Video Arcade Games

Game: Casino Games

Use:  Home or Commercial


This is a Casino Games Upright arcade game with a double meter and a dollar bill validator - WORKS GREAT!

A great piece for your game room or anyone looking for a friendly game of skill. You'll have lots of fun with this one.


Game:  Heads Up Challenge Poker -

Texas Hold 'Em Home Edition

Manufacturer:  PokerTek

Use:  Home



Add "Heads Up Challenge - Home Edition" to your entertainment arsenal! Doubling as a cocktail table, this is more than an arcade machine: it's a sleek piece of furniture that you'll be proud to display.

This arcade style table shuffles cards, deals, displays showdown hand percentages and awards pots automatically.
View your hole cards any time - just the touch of a button.  The familiar trackball feature allows you to easily stage a bet or go all-in with a flick of your wrist
26" Hi Definition LCD Main Screen where the action takes place
Tempered Safety Glass over main screen
Two 5.5" LCD Screens for viewing your cards
Made from durable commercial standard plastic, with adjustable cast-steel base and coated steel chassis and vault.

Free play or coins.


Game: Hi-Lo Double-Up Joker Poker

Manufacturer:  Kramer

Use:  Home or Commercial


This is a HI-LO DOUBLE-UP JOKER POKER Upright Arcade Game by KRAMER from 1982 in nice condition!






Name:  Old Navy Amazing Photo Sticker

Use:  Home or Commercial

Price: $895 - Reconditioned

Here is a reconditioned OLD NAVY AMAZING PHOTO STICKER MACHINE - NEOPRINT - in excellent condition!  Get your portrait on a sticker with this fun machine!


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