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                                                                      AC/DC LUCI  VAULT EDITION


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1 Ramp Mounted Magnetic Diverter For Cannon Loading  
High Definition Color Cabinet and Decal Artwork
Motorized Rotating Ball Cannon, Player Controlled
3 “Thunderstruck” Standup Targets w/ Super Bright Flash Lamps  
4 “ROCK” Standup Targets (on right)  
Lit Start/Fire Cannon Button w/ Laser Cut S/S Trim Plate  
Back Panel Jukebox Song Selector w/ Flashing Red Horns  
Posi-Lock Ball Ejector and Electric Top Gate  
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps  
T.N.T. Explosion Butyrates In Key Locations  
2 High Powered Slingshots  
3 Super Bright LED Jet Bumpers  
1 “Greased Lightning” Spinning Target  
Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door  
8" Cabinet Speaker with enhanced sound quality  
QR Codes   
Molded “Hells Bell” Toy, Fixed, W/Standup Target  
Fixed T.N.T. Detonator  
Band Member Butyrate Display  
5 AC/DC Standup Targets (on left)  
3 T.N.T. Standup Targets (center)   
Black ABS Lower Arch
Latch Lockdown Bar


"Underworld” Lower Mini-Plsyfield W/2 Flippers and Targets
Hells Bell Swinging Newton Ball Pendulum W/Score Sensor
Hidden Magnet Pendulum Attractor To Start Bell Swinging Remotely
Molded 3D "Rock N Roll" Train With LED Headlight and Horns
5 Bank AC/DC Drop Targets (on left)
3 Bank T.N.T. Drop Targets (in center)
SLAM Action Target Behind Center TNT Drop Target
Crossover Ball Track w/Diverter From Left Ramp To Right Ramp
T.N.T. Detonator Animated W/Solenoid Actuated Handle
Animated Band Member Display
“Highway To Hell” Animated LED Flames Tunnel
“Back In Black” Super Bright LED Strobe Lights
Wedge-Based LED GIs
LED Control Lamps incl. 16 Tri-Color LEDs Under Key Inserts
Classic Lock Down Asssembly and Playfield Slide Supports
Unique Backglass Translite
Red Gloss Power Coated Legs, Hinges, Front Molding, and Side Armour with Flipper Button Protection


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